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Supporting Pets and their Human Companions
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For Veterinarians

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                                                             For Veterinarians
   Value Added Opportunity for Veterinarians/Animal Clinics/Animal Hospitals

Here is something that will set your practice apart from other Animal Clinics and Hospitals in Brevard County. The services of a Certified Animal Chaplain "On-Call" for your clients.

To provide your clients with:
  • Emotional Support and Assistance if the client decides to provide hospice care to his/her dying pet.
  • Emotional Support when trying to decide on euthanasia for a dying pet.
  • Emotional Support when euthanasia is being performed (either at your clinic or at the client's home).
  • Spiritual/Grief Counseling after the loss of a pet.
  • Additional help and resources that your client can use such as deciding on whether or not to cremate the remains; where to purchase an urn or coffin; what pet cemeteries are nearby.
  • The availability of an Ordained Interfaith Minister (honoring all faiths & spiritual paths) who can perform a Pet Funeral and/or Memorial Service for your client's beloved pet.
  • Assistance in helping young children to cope with the death of their best friend.

The Cost is Minimal in light of the benefits you will realize by offering this Value Added Service to your clients. Call Today for more information: 321-536-5984.

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