Suggested Donations for Services

Please Note that all suggested donations are just that - suggested

If you are unable to afford the amount suggested please don't hesitate to donate what you think you can afford. I will be happy to work with you as I do not wish to turn anyone away who is in need. If you can afford more, it will be gratefully accepted. It is only through your donations that I am able to continue my work of being a resource and support for pets and their human friends.

Emotional Support during your Pet's Surgery at the animal clinic/hospital
-Suggested Donation $50 per hour

Animal Hospice Advocacy &/or Support for you and your pet either at your home (I encourage you to care for your pet at home) or at an animal clinic/hospital.
-There is No Suggested Donation. Please give what you can.

Emotional Support during Euthanasia at the animal clinic/hospital or at your home (suggested location)
-There is No Suggested Donation. Please give what you can.

Funeral/Memorial Service
-Suggested Donation $95 (this includes a copy of the service)

Spiritual/Grief Counseling-Counseling is usually done via telephone. Sessions can be held in your home if you live near the Space Coast area in Central Florida or you may come to my location if you prefer.
-Suggested Donation $55 per hour

Blessings & Prayers per your request, are offered at any time for the well-being and health of your pet and yourself, as a loving caregiver.
-No Donation Required.

Memorial & Prayer Page Listing
If your pet has already gone over the Rainbow Bridge s/he may be listed on our Memorial Page. Just send a picture of your pet; the birth and death dates and a very brief statement about him/her (optional). Your pet may also be listed on our Prayer List. Just provide a picture of your pet along with a very brief reason why your pet needs our prayers. There is No Donation Required for this service in memory of your beloved pet or for our prayers for his/her well-being.

If you are able to give more than the suggested donations it will help provide services to those who can't afford those services. No one is ever turned away. All donations go to The Helping Paws Fund to help pets and their owners.


All donations for services provided are put into the HELPING PAWS FUND. This fund was established not only to help me with the expenses incurred in order to continue providing help to animals, pets and their human companions, but also to help those persons who are unable, financially, to afford to help their pets in time of need (such as to pay for spay/neutering, innoculations, surgery, medications, etc.).

If you would like to make a donation to the Helping Paws Fund for either services rendered or just to support my work and animals in need -

                                     You may send your donations via mail to:
                    Chaplain karen j cohen, 230 Pebble Hill Way, Rockledge, FL 32955
    Hit the "Donate Now" Button on the HOME PAGE to make your donation through Paypal or via Credit Card. Thank you and many blessings for your support.